Attention to care extends the lifetime and visual quality of your rug.

Below are some recommendations but please follow any care / maintenance / guidelines / instructions on each individual rug you purchase.


Remove wrapping carefully. Please unfold your new rug immediately after opening. Your brand new rug has been tightly wrapped for a safe and timely delivery, however this can cause creases and curls in the rug. These are temporary issues and yours will relax and straighten. It may take time for you rug to completely flatten. There are actions you can take to help speed this up : Reverse roll the rug, then lay flat at room temperature for 24 hours after unpacking.


The smell of a new rug is normal , as it settles into its new environment , the air will help eliminate this.


Look after the life of your rug by gentle, regular vacuuming or sweeping, removing loose dirt particles and quick treatment of any spillages. Blot spills immediately with a clean , dry, white cloth .

Test carpet shampoo on an inconspicuous area first, before surface shampooing , ensuring the rug does not get too wet.

Fluffy rugs benefit from shaking out loose particles.


Take care when placing on polished surfaces or hard floors . We recommend the use of a rug grip to help reduce movement on permanent flooring. Lay on a dry floor only

Rugs are not suitable for use at open fires. keep away from sources of ignition